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ADA compliant signs are a necessity for your business. Not only are ADA signs required by law in most states, but they also help communicate to your customers that you care about their experience inside you space. Your commitment to office signage that enables all your customers to have a positive experience will help you build your business while fostering a strong reputation in your community. Think of your ADA compliant signs as an investment in customer service.

If you aren’t familiar with ADA compliant signs, they ensure that your office signage is accessible to a wide audience and helps people with disabilities navigate your business. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) dictates specific guidelines for businesses, so everyone can feel safe and comfortable when visiting a new space.

Some of the requirements for ADA signs include:

  • Braille lettering.
  • Signs must be adjacent to the rooms they represent.
  • Permanent room signs must be mounted between 48-60 inches from the ground.
  • All signs must use sans serif font style.
  • A minimum of 1/8-inches between adjoining characters.
  • A light/dark contrast must be used between characters and the background.
  • Signs should not emit glare.

ADA Signs For Your Business

When you are planning for your custom ADA signs, know that there are several types of signs outlined by ADA laws. Keep in mind that although there are requirements and guidelines that must be followed, that doesn’t mean that custom ADA compliant signs can’t include your logo and brand colors. ADA signs can still represent your business and work to support your brand identity.

ADA sign types may include:

  • Identification signs that help identify a particular space or a room.
  • Informational signs that provide necessary details about a place or area such as no food allowed or how to pay for parking.
  • Overhead signs mounted on an overhead support, such as wall signs and ceiling signs.
  • Directional signs.
  • Safety signs that identify exits, stairwells, and any potential hazards.

No matter what type of business you’re in or how many buildings you own, you need to ensure that you’re meeting the requirements for ADA signage. LOGOS Sign Studio has extensive experience creating office signage that is ADA compliant. Our team can work with you to incorporate ADA regulations as they apply to your specific business. Whether you need to simply update your existing signage or are looking for signage for a new business, LOGOS Sign Studios can support your needs.

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