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Boost Brand Awareness With Custom Vehicle Wraps & Vinyl Lettering

Vehicle Wraps

We know that business owners almost always feel pressed for time, and that finding opportunities to maximize both time and money are a top priority. So we have to ask, are you taking advantage of an easy, yet effective way to increase your company’s brand awareness? We’re talking about vehicle wraps and vinyl lettering used on company cars. Vehicle wraps can cover your company cars and trucks with your logo, your message and your contact information. Essentially, your business will be advertised all day long, every day of the week! If you haven’t yet explored what car wraps can do to support your brand, it’s time to become more familiar with how much your business can gain from this unique marketing tool.

Top Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs Vehicle Wraps & Vinyl Lettering

Other popular advertising methods, such as trade show events or direct mail marketing, not only have a cost associated with them but either require additional staff hours or are only effective for a short period of time. When you invest in custom vehicle wraps or vinyl lettering, your marketing dollars will constantly be working for you.

Here are the top four ways your brand will gain exposure as a result of using vehicle wraps:

  1. Being More Familiar.

You’ve heard it time and time again, people prefer to do business with people they know.  Having your branded company vehicles driving around town will make your business name and logo seem familiar to potential customers.  Even if they don’t need your services immediately, people will be more likely to choose your company in the future if they can recognize your company name in a list of options.

  1. Looking Professional.

Having a company vehicle that is covered in a custom car wrap or outfitted with vinyl lettering looks professional. This professional look encourages people to trust your company, and to believe that your business is competent at what you do. Did you know that people often assume that companies with car wraps or vinyl lettering are bigger than they really are, or that they have been in business for a long time?  This can be a huge benefit to new businesses just starting out.

  1. A Smart Way To Spend Your Marketing Dollars.

It really is worth talking to a trusted sign company and getting some quotes on vehicle wraps for your business. While the cost of car wraps will range depending on the design and the size of the wrap you are interested in, prices aren’t much more than other traditional advertising options but have the benefit of lasting a lot longer and being much more visible.

  1. Increased Sales.

Don’t be surprised if you notice people taking pictures of your branded vehicles so that they have the contact information when they need it.  Other positive sales results include potential customers asking for business cards in parking lots or engaging in sales conversations when out and about in your target sales market.

Is Your Brand Ready To Use Vehicle Wraps?

You’ve been looking for ways to get your brand top of mind, and now you know that investing in vehicle wraps or vinyl lettering can be an effective way to accomplish just that. While the benefits of having custom vehicle car wraps are positive, make sure you work with a signage partner that has the expertise to produce quality vehicle graphics that will give you the return on investment you are looking for. LOGOS Sign Studio has the experience and knowledge to create vehicle graphics that will get your business noticed. Request a consultation with one of our experts or call us at 281.810.9911 to learn more about how we can get your vehicle working for you.

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