Channel Letters In Houston, TX

Channel letters are a popular choice when creating outdoor signs. When customized with your brand’s font, logo, and colors, they present an attractive and easy way to build brand awareness for office buildings, retail storefronts, churches, government buildings, and more. Their versatility means they can be installed indoors and outdoors, and they can be made from a variety of different materials to suit your brand’s aesthetic.

They can be mounted to create different effects, such as a 3D or floating appearance. There are a number of different ways to fabricate the letters depending on the application, installation location and the viewing distance. Having outdoor signs that make use of channel letters offers your business or organization three-dimensional reach that delivers improved readability and increased visibility. Do your current building or church signs deliver that kind opportunity?

Besides letter height, depth and font there are also various lighting options when it comes to channel letters. For example, you can have their front face lit with LEDs or have the light exit the back of the letters and bounce off the wall for a back lit, reverse lit, or halo lit effect. For outdoor signs, it’s even possible to have the front face show one color during the day and a different color at night.

Channel letters are an ideal choice for:

  • Church signs.
  • Branded signage on building exteriors.
  • Interior business branding.
  • Lit letters or numbers to identify specific areas and make them easier to find.

The reality is, professional outdoor signs do more than just communicate a message. They also carry intangible elements that make up a brand. Are your current signs friendly and inviting? When you invest in channel letters that match your brand, you are making a compelling and convincing statement that your business is reputable, successful, and sophisticated.

Advantages of Using Channel Letters in Houston, TX

Improved Visibility – One of the main reasons for businesses to opt for them is because they improve brand’s visibility. Illuminated with LED lights, these signs grab attention perfectly after the sunset too. It becomes very easy for your potential and existing customers to locate your business anytime. All you have to do is to hire a professional sign company that possesses strong experience in designing business signs that deliver results.

Branding – Outdoor Business Signs are the face of a business. They represent your brand to your potential customers. Signs which are made perfectly create a positive image for the brand and it shows your customers that how serious are you about your business. Channel Letters communicate that exactly. They provide a professional look to the brand that in turn attracts more customers towards your office or store.

Energy Efficient – Did you know that using channel letters is one of the best ways to make your business more energy efficient? LED lit signs consume less power than neon lighting, use a lower voltage transformer and have a lifespan of at least 100,000 hours. Therefore, if you want your outdoor advertising to be more efficient, replace your old signs with custom channel letters.

If you are ready to enhance your business or organization with channel letters, it is time to contact Logos Sign Studio Houston. Working with a qualified sign maker is the best way to ensure that your business signs will look sharp, modern, and innovative.

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