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Every business wants to get noticed, and custom signs can help you get the attention you need. Custom signage installed inside and outside your business can strengthen your branding, raise brand awareness in your community, give you an edge over your competition, and keep your business top-of-mind. When customers see your company name and logo on a quality custom sign, they’ll immediately get the impression that your business is professional and established. Custom signs also allow you to create multiple touch-points to support your brand and showcase your brand’s personality. Whether you need permanent signage to market your business or temporary signage to advertise an event, Logos Sign Studio can create the eye-catching custom indoor and outdoor signs you need in Houston and other nearby places in Texas.

Accessibility Signs

Accessibility signs allow customers with disabilities to find what they need.

ADA Signs

ADA signs are required by law to ensure your business is accessible and compliant with regulations.

A-frame Signs

These signs literally stand on their own feet, thanks to an “A”-shaped construction with hinges at the top. As a result, A-frame signs are extremely portable and are often used outdoors. We Personalize a sidewalk signs with our easy design process.

Awning Signs

Not every business has an awning – but those who do need awning signs. For example, a family-owned pizzeria could conjure up a warm, traditional image with a custom awning sign from Logos Sign Studio.

Blade Signs

Typically mounted perpendicular to traffic flow, blade signs are great attention grabbers. You might see them attached to buildings at 90-degree angles, mounted on vertical posts, or hanging from overhead poles. We offer the best custom street signs.

Business Signs

Now here is a wide-ranging category! Signs announcing your business can take a great many forms, but most are found outside the front doors of an office building, and are designed to handle all types of weather.

Cabinet Signs

Like business signs, this category contains a great many potential products. Basically, these signs are made using “cabinet” construction, which is often rectangular but could also be round, oval, et cetera. Cabinet signs are frequently but not always illuminated.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are three-dimensional characters, fabricated from materials such as aluminum. They add immediate depth and character to any custom sign on which they’re mounted.

Conference Signs

If you’ve ever attended a large trade show, you understand the important of great conference signage! These products can draw traffic to a booth, announce an event, or provide directions around a large show floor.

Flag Signs

Now that’s wind power! Rippling proudly in the breeze, these signs command the eyes. They are very effective outdoors, but can also be used inside where their unusual shape will draw attention.

Hanging Signs

From the ubiquitous “Open” sign to an elegant placard suspended from a cast iron post, hanging signs are unique and highly customizable.

LED Signs

An LED sign is any type of sign that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce bright and energy-efficient lighting. Logos Sign Studio can add LED lighting to many different sign types – ask us how!

Lighted Signs

Signs can be illuminated in a variety of ways. Although LED, described above, is the most common method, there are many other approaches. Ask us about lighting options for your custom sign!

Lobby Signs

First impressions are crucial! That’s why your business should have a beautiful custom-made lobby sign, visible as soon as someone enters your office.

Menu Signs

While chalkboard sample menus are charming, many establishments want an appetizing, permanent menu sign for their ongoing offerings.

Message Signs

These digital signs use technology like LED panels to show information that changes over time. For example, many baseball diamonds and hockey arenas use message signs to keep track of scores and provide information to fans.

Outdoor Banners

Stretching wide, and high overhead, outdoor banners inexorably draw the eye toward them. You’ll often see these custom banners at sporting events and outdoor shows.

Portable Signs

Perhaps the most versatile sign category of them all, portable signs do exactly what their name implies! They’re easy to move and look great in any location.

Post Panel Signs

These are very attractive, permanent signs that are often used in front of buildings. One common configuration is placing the company name and logo at top, then using the remaining space for directions to different areas on your property.

Projecting Signs

Rather than mounting flat onto a wall surface, projecting signs – quite literally – stick out! You can add even more impact and personality with channel letters, lighting, stand-offs, and other flourishes.

Promotional Signs

You’ll recognize promotional signs from retail stores. They’re most often used to highlight a short-term promotional offer and bring in traffic with an irresistible call to action.

Pylon Signs

These are among the largest and most commanding signs in existence. Pylon signs are structures unto themselves, typically standing over ten feet tall and fastened directly into the ground. You’ll see them in large plazas and malls, where multiple businesses need presence on a single sign.

Retractable Banners

A favorite of the trade show crowd, retractable banners are immensely versatile – and usually travel quite well! This is crucial when staff are flying to an event. Also note that you can usually replace the graphics on these banners without changing the hardware.

Room ID Signs

You will find these signs in building interiors, helping you identify the correct room for a meeting or appointment. Note that room ID signs may need to be ADA-compliant – LOGOS Sign Studio can help!

Temporary Signs

As the name suggests, these temporary signs usually serve a purpose that is short-term in nature (i.e. “Caution: Under Construction”). However, the sign itself can be a permanent and re-usable product, one you’ll deploy many times over the years.

Tradeshow Booths

Who’s got the best booth space this year? You will – thanks to LOGOS Sign Studio! Your booth is critical to your trade show presence, and we have a wealth of designs, materials, shapes, and sizes to help you rule the floor.

Vehicle Wraps

No doubt you’ve seen cars and trucks with simple company names and logos. Vehicle wraps, however, cover most of the vehicle’s surface area, “wrapping” around the front, back, and sides. Well-designed wraps truly stand out in traffic.

Waiting Room Signs

Make your visitors feel comfortable and welcome, with custom waiting room signs. Often mounted overhead, these signs assure your visitors that they’re in the right place and help them relax while they wait. Waiting rooms signs can generate a soothing ambiance, especially with soft lighting.

Wall Graphics

Great wall graphics can bring a surface to astonishing life. From company branding to visual storyboards to 3D nature panoramas, we offer multiple wall graphics options to amaze your customers and staff.

Wall Signs

Covering a wide variety of products and purposes, wall signs drive foot traffic, provide instruction, and provoke a reaction.

Wayfinding Signs

Although the term has several connotations, the most common purpose of a wayfinding sign is to herd people toward their destination. Think of the overhead signs in an airport, directing you at first to terminals, then blocks of gates, and finally to the specific gate for your flight.

Window Signs

Hand-scrawled messages on cardboard are a thing of the past. Modern window signs can be truly beautiful. They often adhere directly and permanently to glass panes for high-end appeal.

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