Custom Wood Signs In Houston, TX

There is no doubt about it custom wood signs are among the biggest decorating trends right now. After all, nothing says rustic and handmade quite like a wood sign, right? Whether you are looking for something for the front porch, living room, sunroom, dining room, kitchen, or the front hall chances are you can have a one made that will fit the bill. At Logos Sign Studio, a sign company in Houston, TX, we specialize in custom wooden signs, handmade from a wide array of wood options and hand-decorated specifically for your personal use.

More businesses, restaurants, and shops are opting and investing in wood signs because you can personalize them, making the sign feel more home-like. By doing so, can help make any place of business go from an industrial or retail setting to a more relaxed and comfortable one. Whatever style of sign you are looking for Logos Sign Studio can create it.

Choosing The Right Type Of Wood


Oak is one of the most well-known kinds of wood out there. It is often used to make beautiful hardwood floors, dining sets, hutches, shelves, custom wood signs, and more. Unfortunately, because of its beauty, oak can also be quite expensive and in demand. This wood option also must be maintained regularly over time in order to ensure it stays looking its best. While this isn’t always an issue for customers, you must be aware of this as the damage of not treating oak correctly and on a regular basis is not reversible.

Solid Chestnut

The timber for the sign making is grown in the South West. Chestnut is a sustainable timber often grown in coppiced woodlands. Sweet chestnut, also known as poor man’s oak, is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the more classic option. Not only because it appears quite similar due to its dense grain, but because it is also has a high tannin content which makes it quite durable. Although chestnut may not be quite as sturdy as an oak, and therefore not used as often for furniture and large-scale pieces, for custom wood signs, it is a great and affordable option.


Iroko is a lesser-known option, however, it’s still a great choice. It is imported from West Africa and has a medium to coarse texture. Iroko has an interlocking grain which often produces unique and eye-catching patterns. Because of how durable this option is, it is an excellent choice for outdoor wood signs. This is also a low maintenance option, meaning that unlike some other options, it can be left untreated.

If you are tired of searching for signs near me, or wooden signs in Houston, TX, look no further. Logos Sign Studio takes pride in providing each of our customers with the attention and customer service required to produce a stunning business signs. One that will serve for any occasion and look great wherever you want it to hang. Please, feel free to browse our website to see some of our past projects. Please do not hesitate to give us a call to learn more about our custom signs and how our sign company in Houston, TX, can help you today.

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