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Ensure Your Business Is ADA Compliant

Ensure Your Business Is ADA Compliant

There are many elements involved in starting or maintaining a business that you may have never thought about. One of these elements is ensuring that your business is compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in the workplace. ADA signs are part of the law in many states, which makes them a necessity for your business.

However, ADA compliant signage isn’t just a legal requirement- it’s an essential element of good customer service. ADA signs showcase your company’s commitment to inclusivity and makes your business available to a wide audience of customers.

At LOGOS Sign Studio, we specialize in creating custom ADA signs that are accessible to people of all abilities while matching your branding. Installing custom ADA signs supports your business’s positive reputation by showing customers that you appreciate their business and want them to feel welcome inside your workspace. If you own a healthcare business or commercial construction property, it’s particularly important that all signage is ADA compliant to ensure that all clients or tenants are able to navigate your building.

ADA Signage Requirements

 There are a few specifications ADA signs requires your business to follow:


  • All signs require tactile lettering
  • Letters must be lowercase, except for proper nouns
  • Letters must be rounded


  • Signs must be adjacent to the rooms they represent
  • Permanent room signs must be mounted between 48-60 inches from the ground

Fonts And Backgrounds

  • All signs must use sans serif font style
  • Ensure a minimum of 1/8-inches between adjoining characters
  • There must be a light/dark contrast between characters and the background
  • Signs should not emit glare

Get Custom ADA Signs For Your Business

LOGOS Sign Studios provides businesses with high-quality, custom signage. When it comes to ADA signs, the list specifications may seem overwhelming to someone unfamiliar with regulations. Let us handle your business’s custom ADA signs to ensure that they meet all regulations. Contact us today to learn more and receive your complimentary consultation.

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