Fascia Signs In Houston, TX

Most people know fascia signs as the outdoor signs located above a store or business location. When it comes to choosing the right fascia signs for your business, know that there are many different possibilities that range from simple black text on a white background to 3D back-lit lettering illuminated by lights. Custom fascia signs are like a blank canvas, in that you really can create exactly what you want when it comes out an outdoor sign to represent the front of your business and draw your audience in.

With so many options to choose from, LOGOS Sign Studio can advise you on all the styles and technologies available for fascia signs, as well as suggest the right signage solutions based on your business needs. Whether you’re moving into a new location or refurbishing an old sign, there are lots of things to consider when determining the style of fascia sign you need. With such a vast range of materials available, we’ll help you get the right custom fascia sign for your business in Houston and other nearby places in Texas.

Take a look at some top options for fascia signs:

  • Vinyl Lettering & Logos: Vinyl is available in a huge range of colors, from light shades to bold and vibrant colours which will grab the attention of people passing by.
  • Acrylic Lettering & Logos: Choose either flat cut raised letters or 3D raised letters in a wide range of colors and finishes, including translucent colors which work well when creating lighting effects.
  • Metal Lettering & Logos: Also available in either flat cut raised letters or 3D raised letters, metal lettering can help portray permanence, reliability, and dependability. Many modern fascia signs choose aluminum, polished, or brushed stainless steel. Choose from a variety of fonts or create an outdoor sign using your specific brand font.
  • Trough Lighting & Strip Lighting: Light up your fascia signs and make your business more visible to the public. Trough lights come in a number of finishes and colors.
  • Illuminated Lettering & Logos: Internally illuminating the letters on a custom fascia signs can really make your brand name or logo stand out within a crowded retail area. Choose built up letters which are illuminated from behind with LED lights or illuminate the face of the letters for a sleek and clean cut illuminated look.

After reviewing and selecting the fascia sign based on the options we’ve presented, LOGOS Sign Studio can also work with you to complete the permit process and the installation to ensure that everything is done correctly. We have a team of experts who can professionally install all your custom signs. We’d be happy to work with you to create and install custom fascia signs that will elevate your business.

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