Healthcare Signs In Houston, TX

Healthcare signs provide people with the means to find the closest medical facility without having to ask others for directions continually. At Logos Sign Studio, a sign company in Houston, Texas, we carry a few signs that indicate the location of the closest hospital. With clear text and bright background colors, these signs are easy to see and understand even from a distance. These high visibility signs are made for hospitals and inform pedestrians and motorists alike when they are nearing a medical facility. Our hospital “H” signs, hospital signs, and directional symbols come in different sizes for you to choose from. All our healthcare signs are made with engineer grade aluminum, these signs, allowing them to stand up to even the harshest outdoor conditions.

There are several signs that are used within hospitals and medical clinics as well. Each of these performs different functions and are made in various sizes and with a few materials. However, they are all used to inform, guide, and highlight information that patients, visitors, and staff might need.

Name badges

Virtually everyone that is employed at a hospital or medical clinic is required to wear a name badge. These are generally required to show both a person’s name and profession clearly so that patients know exactly who they are talking to and what authority the person has.


Most hospitals are quite large and extremely easy to get lost in. That is why there are often large directional signs and information boards that show the way to each department. 

Room numbers

These hospitals and medical clinic signs can be found in almost all departments and areas on the outside of the doors. They are used to direct patients, staff, and visitors to the correct room.


The fact that healthcare staff are incredibly particular about their cleanliness should be self-evident. But what about the patients and visitors? Do they also realize the need to pay attention to hygiene as well? That this is essential not only for their safety but others as well? There are often signs near the shower and the toilet to remind people to wash up and use hand sanitizer to reduce the risk of contamination.

A sign company in Houston, Texas, like Logos Sign Studio ensures that their staff will take pride in creating healthcare signs that will benefit everyone who enters the medical center. Our signs are proven to decrease frustration and anxiety for patients and families, boost patient satisfaction, improve patient safety, and enhance family and patient communication. We know that thirty percent of first-time visitors get lost when visiting a hospital, meaning an already stressful situation was made worse by improper signage. Lost visitors equate to lost productivity and a lot of frustration on everyone’s part. Our healthcare signs and graphics help patients, visitors, and staff navigate facilities with ease, reducing anxiety and frustration, saving time, and improving communication.

We also provide custom interior and exterior signage for hospitals and medical centers. These signs can not only help to guide patients and visitors but also help to set your medical center apart from others they might have visited. Honor those who a wing is named after with a custom sign that thanks them and their family for making the high-quality treatment available at that location. These signs can be made in any color, size, or shape.

If you want to learn more about Logos Sign Studio, a sign company near you, please feel free to give us a call. One of our experienced staff would be happy to discuss our hospital and customizable interior and exterior sign options with you.

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