Neon Signs In Houston, TX

A neon sign is a lighting display that is made of glass tubes that are filled with gas and bent into the shape of logos, letters, or decorative designs. When a high-voltage electrical current passes through the gas, the tubes let off the light. Neon and argon are the two most common gases used. How does a neon sign get that red glow? It is the neon gas that is responsible for this bright light. These, along with various color tints and phosphor coat the glass tubes and produce a spectrum of over 50 vibrant and eye-catching colors. Today, these and LED signs can be seen all over and can range from as simple as a small open sign to a multi-story facade on the Las Vegas strip. 

Many people do not realize that manufacturing LED and neon signs are in many ways as much of an art form as it is a mechanical process. Minus a few exceptions, every sign is customizable and must be designed to fit the confines of the available space. Factors such as the diameter of the tubing, the minimum radius that the tubing can be bent, and the overall length of tubing that the transformer can provide power to all impact the look of the final design. At Logos Sign Studio, a sign company in Houston, Texas, we understand the complexity and thought that goes into every sign that we create. 

We know that pure materials and precise manufacturing are necessary when producing a high-quality and fully operational business sign. After all, a well-built neon sign or LED sign should have well over 30,000 hours of life in it, as opposed to the average 100-watt light bulb that typically has somewhere between 750-1,000 hours of life to it. We also understand that both LED signs and neon signs must meet a series of requirements, which includes a series of tests that are run by independent testing agencies. They must also meet the specific requirements of the National Electrical Code. Outdoor signs are also required to comply with local building codes in terms of both electrical wiring and their construction.

Recent developments in both LED signs and neon signs design include small, electronic transformers that make the well-known audible hum of older neon signs a thing of the past. These signs that appear to move or blink are also now controlled by programmable electronic controls, which have replaced the older electromechanical cam-and-switch controls.

Neon displays have also found their way into many consumer products, including license plate frames and telephones and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, these signs are expected to continue to rise in popularity with the impact that computer controls are having on their flamboyancy and complexity. More and more, these signs are being used outside of the traditional business, restaurant, or retail setting. Custom signs are being requested and purchased every day for events, rec rooms, kids’ rooms, and more. Because of the fun nature of these signs and our staff’s ability to personalize them neon and LED signs are becoming more prominent in spaces and ways that we haven’t really seen before.

So, the next time you Google, “sign company near me,” remember Logos Sign Studio. We pride ourselves on creating unique, and eye-catching LED and neon signs that are sure to get your business noticed and start a conversation. Our staff is knowledgeable about the specific requirements that these signs have and know how to design and create personalized signs for any event or location. Whether you are looking for a sign to attract more business or a fun piece for your man cave, we’re the sign company near you that can help.

At Logos Sign Studio, we make sure that we always fulfill our customer’s wishes and exceed their expectations. Our customers know that they purchase business signs as an investment that will attract new customers and attention. If you would like to find out more about our LED signs and our neon signs, or any of our other custom signs in Houston, Texas, please, feel free to give us a call. One of our experienced staff would be happy to discuss all your neon sign options.

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