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Promote Your Next Event With Custom Banners

Custom BMW-Show-Signs

Whether you are celebrating the opening of a new location, announcing a special sale, supporting a cause in your community — or promoting any other business-related event — custom banners should definitely be in your toolkit. Here are the five reasons why:

Custom Banner Signs

  1. Total Customization

The “custom” part of custom banners does not begin and end with elements like logos, graphics, and text. You can also can also add a QR code (for scanning by smartphones), as well as customize the banner’s size and shape.

  1. Incredibly Affordable

If you are concerned that custom banners will take a big bite out of your event budget, then don’t worry! They are incredibly affordable, and will certainly be a smart investment vs. an unavoidable expense.

  1. Durable & Easy To Maintain

Although your upcoming event has a start and end date, you don’t have to plan on — or worry about — disposing of your custom banners when they’re no longer needed. They’re designed to last for years, which means you can use them again and again. Plus, you can use them indoors or as outdoor signs.

  1. Rapid Order Fulfilment

Time flies, and that special event that seemed far in the future may be fast approaching. If so, then we have some great news: custom vinyl banners can be quickly created and ready to work for your business. Tell us your deadline and we’ll do our very best to ensure that you have the banners you need.

  1. Take them Anywhere

Custom vinyl banners are extremely lightweight and can easily be moved. They also roll up and require minimal space.

Learn More 

To learn more about how we can help you promote your next event with affordable and high-impact custom banners, contact the LOGOS Sign Studio team today at 281.810.9911​ or [email protected]. We’re your trusted partner for high-quality, professional indoor and outdoor signs!

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