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Promote Your Seasonal Sales With Custom Banners And Signs

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Spring is on the horizon — Wednesday, March 20 at 5:58 pm CST to be exact — and that means folks across the country will yet again be participating in an annual ritual: spring cleaning.

Well, your business may also need to do some spring cleaning when it comes to clearing out winter-related products, and making space on your shelves for your spring and summer merchandise. And that is where custom banners and signs make a transformative difference to your bottom-line!

Key Benefits

There are several benefits of using custom banners and signs to promote your seasonal sales. These include:

  • They get noticed and command positive attention. Unlike TV commercials that many people dislike and try to avoid, people actually enjoy looking at colorful custom banners because it only takes a few seconds of their time, and there is always something beneficial for them to learn.
  • They are very affordable and more cost-effective than other types of business signs, such as monument signs or electronic message centers.
  • They can be quickly designed and created, which is important since time is of the essence!
  • They can be completely customized in every aspect: size, shape, color (background and typeface), font, graphics, logo, tagline, promotional messaging, and more.
  • They are versatile, durable and be used as indoor and/or outdoor signs.

Types Of Custom Banners & Signs

 There are many different types of custom banners and signs. Some popular solutions include:

  • Retractable banners, which roll-up easily and can be taken on the road to trade shows, community events, pop-up booths, and so on.
  • Mesh banners, which are made to withstand high winds and are ideal for use as outdoor signs.
  • Vinyl banners, which are durable and long-lasting, and make a bold impression.

Learn More

 These are just some of the many types of custom banners and signs that can help you clear winter inventory during sale season, and clear the shelves for your new spring and summer merchandise. To learn more, contact the LOGOS Sign Studio team today to discuss your signage needs.


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