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Upgrade Your Office With Custom Office Signs

Upgrading your office so that you convey a professional and polished image to customers, visitors, and employees doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to break out the blueprints, and budget for a major renovation or re-invention. That’s because you can quickly, easily, and affordably upgrade your office with custom office signs.

Here are three popular office sign options that might be ideal for your environment:

  • Lobby Signs

Lobby signs transform your lobby from “just another room” in your office, to an impressive and engaging space that creates a positive first impression. Lobby signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated, and customized with your business’s colors, logo, and font. You can also choose the signage material that aligns with your décor and aesthetics, such as custom wood signs, metal signs, acrylic signs, and more.

New Age Dentistry Lobby Sign

  • Banners

Custom banners are a versatile, convenient and extremely cost-effective way to upgrade your office. You can install them in public areas to impress, inform, and guide customers and visitors, as well as install them in employee-only spaces to boost morale and engagement (i.e. work areas, lunchroom, etc.).

Energevity-Lobby signs

  • Wayfinding Signage

If your customers are getting frustrated because they can’t find their desired destination such as the customer service department, new sales department, waiting area — or anywhere else — then custom wayfinding signage is the perfect solution. And it won’t just be your customers who benefit: your employees will appreciate that they can spend more time doing their jobs and less time pointing customers in the right direction. As with lobby signs, you can also choose the material that matches your overall décor (i.e. custom wood signs, acrylic signs, etc.).

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The above are just some of the office sign options that will help you upgrade your office quickly, easily, and within your budget. To learn more, contact the LOGOS Sign Studio team today at 281.810.9911​ or [email protected]. We’re your trusted partner for high-quality, professional business signage.

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